How I became a jewelry artist

My name is Iryna, from Ukraine. I've been talented child, but I am from one of the 'post soviet union' families and my parents tried to do their best to give me proper education and prepare me to challenges that I would face in my life. We were average family who had lost almost everything in 1991 and had survived the crisis all ukrainians had at that times. I was into dancing, singing, painting and playing the piano, but I could not afford to do only what I wanted, actually I was not often asked what I wanted, I had to study hard, think about future and learn how to survive in this cruel world. Here I don't blame anyone and I am even grateful that this path gave me strength and put me at the place where I am now. My parents did their best to make my childhood bright. But I actually had no idea how was "to follow my dreams" and what my dreams were at all.

Through many ups and even more downs, fears and failures, I tried to be with the crowd but I felt like it was not enough. Since 2013 I'd started to work in IT industry, it changed my life and my mind, I believed in myself. It was a life changing step, but the only thing was left behind - the creative part of me was not fulfilled.

You never know until You try...

The roots are coming from beautiful Thailand where I moved to work for IT company in 2016. (Thailand is in my heart forever, and hopefully I will move there for living again). I lived in Bangkok, it is amazing city, full of creative broad minded people from all over the world.

So in my 30's I've made a huge decision to take a first step closer to my need to create. I think the place itself boosted my need in finding my true passion and I started to attend all kinds of classes and courses that I potentially would like, just to try: painting, sketching, UX/UI, product management, programming, singing, dancing, scuba diving, yoga, surfing and many more. There are a lot to try in Bangkok, really. And actually after 3 months doing this almost as a full time job I found something really fulfilling...

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Most Wanted dreams come true... when you let them to

My jewelry path started in 2018. I bought 1 week jewelry making course as a birthday gift for myself. The classes where held by very talented Thai jewelry artist. And at the first time I tried to melt silver - thats where my love to metalsmithing has started and never left me after.

The ability to handcraft pieces of your imagination made my mind blow. I realised that all those ideas in my head, I could feel, touch and even wear right after, that felt soo good and full of senses.

So actually the name "Most Wanted" comes from this most willing dream to fulfil 'something' that I could not understand.

And finally, I found my own way on how to transform emotions into physical manifestations.

It's all about details

The combination of technical skills, high attention to details, ability to work hard together with my creativity, good taste and my passion helped me to master the skills of handcrafting jewelry pieces of high quality and unique designs.

LifeLong Journey

Techniques that I use

I always try to combine and experiment with different styles, stones, technics to grow as a professional jeweller and to fulfil customers' needs. From using the latest 3D technology to the most ancient casting in cuttlefish bone, I tried it all. Maybe I'm still looking for my personal style, to be known as an artist, but I believe that Learning is a Lifelong Journey and I am happy to follow my own way.

we all create our own experiences that inspire

Where do I get inspiration?

The girl asked me one day after the Spanish class: "Iryna, where do you get inspiration to create all these designs?". I felt confused, I didn't know what to say.

Now I have an answer. It’s always around us. My life is full of emotions, new experiences, life events, love and happiness, hate and anger. People we meet, places we go to, knowledge we gain, nature around us, you are the one who create your own experiences that inspire