Welcome to my world of One-of-a-Kind jewelry, where each piece holds a profound significance inspired by meaningful moments in my life. Every creation is a reflection of the emotions and experiences I've woven into art. If you resonate with these sentiments or wish to share in my journey, you're invited to explore. While some of the designs may be repeated, each item is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring its own unique character and charm.


Devoted to WAR in UKRAINE - my home country.

This ring is the hardest piece I have ever made so far. It was a challenge to finish, not because of its complexity, but because of deep emotions I experienced during the process. There were pain, fear, anger, hate, confusion, and frustration swirling around me, making it the most emotionally charged piece I've ever created...

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Trapped in Dreams

Often, in this fast growing world we are losing our real goal. Looking at others success, comparing ourselves to others, trying to be on the same level we often pretend to be someone else, we are mixing our own dreams and goals with other's...

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Silver baguette-cut stone ring

URBAN ring

Living in a rapidly evolving world can be really challenging not to loose yourself and the sense of individuality in this bustling urban environment. The ring is made in asymmetrical blocks that remind megapolis.

We all strive to stand out and find our place in this crazy World. The stone symbolise oneself...

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